Benefits of online training

The ANTT elearning project takes advantage of the latest online training technology to make expert training easily accessible for healthcare professionals worldwide.

For learners, elearning provides:

  • flexibility – go at your own pace and pause at any time, ongoing reference material –12 months access from time of purchase, including after course completion
  • multiple learning styles – the learning experience caters for visual, auditory, experiential and read/write learning styles
  • accredited, consistent content – materials are written and reviewed by ANTT experts

For administrators, elearning provides:

  • reductions in lost productivity as learners can train during down time
  • reduced costs compared to traditional training
  • a full compliance record of learners completions, results and feedback
  • ability to track learner progress on a rolling basis

Using this flexible online training methodology, ANTT training can be delivered to individuals via the online store or delivered at the enterprise level with organisational branded web portals or on a separate Learning Management System.